Stuart Thomson

Software Developer | Human Being

About me

Human Being

Hi, I'm Stuart. In my spare time, I like walking around New Zealand's native bush. It's an environment that has always drawn me in, and it's a place that I want to protect. Closer to home, I also enjoy playing video games with my friends; both in New Zealand and all over the world. It can be hard getting people together, especially with different timezones, but it's always great to be chatting with each other and catching up on what has been happening in our lives.
I like music and art. Though it has been a while, I've played the clarinet in local symphonic bands. I look forward to the opportunity to pick it up again. I also like going to art galleries, and supporting the artists behind the art where I can.
Finally, I also enjoy building software, which overlaps a lot with the other column. I've made a few side-projects to help with problems I've come across. I'm also investigating self-hosting a few services, but this is an ongoing project.

Software Developer

Hi, I'm Stuart. I'm good at building web-based applications, which is what my roles at work have been focused on. I work primarily in Typescript (with React for the frontend framework) and SQL (Postgres, but I have also used MySQL and SQLite). In the past, I have also used Java and C#.
I also have experience with running Linux servers (both in a desktop environment and over SSH), as well as using Docker (or other containerisation systems) for development and deployment. I have also setup full CI pipelines using GitHub Actions, GitLab CI, and Jenkins.
I enjoy design, but I usually leave that job for people with more experience and knowledge than I do. Given some guidelines, I can sketch screens and flows out on a whiteboard to clearly communicate my design ideas. I also care about accessibility, always aiming to ensure assistive tools can understand the application.