Stuart Thomson

I'm a random person on the internet! I'm currently working as a Software Developer in New Zealand. I went to the University of Waikato, and graduated with a Bachelor's of Computing and Mathematical Sciences (Hons., First Class). I enjoy writing code, playing music, and walking (over mountains, through forests, around gardens. Anything really). Sometimes I stumble across interesting videos on the internet, so I've started compiling a list of the ones I enjoy.

You'll find a bunch of different projects over at GitHub. Some are even listed below. I welcome contributions to my projects; fork, branch, and make a Pull Request.

Highlighted Posts

These are some of the latest posts on the site, or you can view them all. I don't write too often,

Highlighted Projects

Here's a sample of personal projects I've done outside of work, either to learn new things or to fix a little problem I have. You can view them all here.